4 Types Of Toxic Nepali People To Stay Away From In 2016

Jan 10, 2016

There is nothing wrong with having a  bad habit here and there. As long as it does not consume your life and you still know that you are not driving the people around you insane. However, there are these certain kinds of people who just do not stop. Below are the types of Toxic Nepali People You Need to Avoid in 2016:

1. The Sel Roti Clan 

These are those far of relatives, a family member or a friend but usually its a relative who just does not quit. Their problems start with one and end with another. A solution offered will turn into another problem, usually meeting with this relative is having the same conversation  over and over again. Ringa ringa roses anyone? Even then they all fall down but there is no falling down here. So, whether it is tihar or not brace yourself because you are going to be making sel roti for days. It is like facing all the struggles of preparing the roti minus the gratification of eating it later.

Common Phrase: 15 barsa agadi euta ku kurlae malai tokyo kina hola hai? (Usually starts random like that)

2. The Malai Dukhyo 

Sometimes the sail roties overlap with malai dukhyo. However, these type of people are so prevalent that they needed their  own category. They know more than doctors, nurses and the leading practitioners. There paper cut will be an open heart surgery and a sprained ankle will translate to a stroke at least that is how they describe it. These are the story tellers, the ones who will only come to your place to tell you how sick they were/are and will not quit unless you entertain their idea that they maybe dying soon.  Also, god forbid you talk about your health issues with them it is like you just challenged them to an epic battle. Are you ready for it?

Common Phrase: Malai ta hijo rati tauko/hath/gijja/nidhar dukhera….it…does not….end…

3. The America return: 

Many people go places many go to America aswell but this particular kind without investing an ounce of their income in the country expect the country to magically change when they come back. The complains of the sewage, people and places never end and if you had the power you would book them an early flight back.  Also,  the America return comes in various forms like Malaysia return, Australia return and so on… Honey unless you bring back a magician from whereever you are, do not expect the country to change magically it ain’t happening unless you as a citizen get to work! 

Common Phrase: *insert Fake accent America ma ta batti/pani/gas jahile aaucha. Hami dubai jana tyahi boarding school padheko accent lae koslai jhukauchas ?

4. The ta ta America gais

Ohh! don’t worry I am coming to you. These are the people who just because you went to a foreign country expect you to be completely different and become a power house of ideas, views and opinions. They often times also ridicule you if you do not know something because apparently after going to a foreign country you should be a know it all. They could also be named the judgement clan as they easily assume that you are a snob if you even show a slight disliking towards something. Are they not fun to hang out with? Yay! :/

Common phrase used: Ta America gaera afu lai khub thulo thanchas!

May the force and will power be with us this 2017 to tolerate such people 🙂 Cheers! 

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