5 Reasons Why discriminating Nepali women is (NOT) OK

Jun 30, 2015

This goes out to all self-entitled scumbags who are too blind to see anything. Let me break it down for you. PS: to all those who may think this is a “FEMINIST” post, no it’s not. When I mean scumbags I mean everyone who is responsible for developing this upcoming draft. 

  1. Removal of Right of equal payment to work for similar work
Here is the thing if you pay women half the money expect us to do half the work. Find reports that are 58% done, office hours cut in half. Well we are better off at home anyways right? So, since we don’t get paid enough how about we just work from home? Also, expect an efficiency of less than a 100 because you get what you pay for.

2.  Removal of guarantee of women participation in the Local, Federal and Central Elections

Yes, I am pulling out the MOM card, you are saying that referring to Nepal as “Meri Amma Nepal” is totally fine, but allowing women to exercise their right of freedom as people is not? Did your logic get shaken by the earthquake or are you too drunk on  booze from the relief money? Since, we make half of this country your saying that participation does not matter? It’s probably because we are always so late for everything cause you know make up and all, you probably thought that we would delay your plans of development for Nepal. Oh, wait! What plans of development? 

3.Removal of inheritance rights in the Article of Rights of Women

So, your saying my power hungry relative that I have not even met is able to take all my parents hard earned money. You know just because why not? Women are such emotional people they obviously cannot handle the pressure of inheriting anything. Instead lets give it to someone else to blow while we witness this in a gingerly lady like fashion. 

4. Non-recognition of the household work carried out by women

Well this does not come off as a surprise. Like when did you ever.  LOL (sorry laughing out loud is not lady like) let me just giggle. 

5. Non-recognition of women’s spouse in citizenship by naturalization provision

Okay, can you make a baby by yourself? No. Can you develop the country by yourself? No. Can you empower by yourself? NO. OH wow it seems like you need women for everything yet you do  not need to recognize them? 

PS: You are telling me that I waited this long for constitution that is out right discrimination to women. You expecting me to be okay with how the country may treat my mother, sister, grand mother like this ?
Also, this is not just a fight about women rights but its a fight for development. Its a fight to ensure that your future daughter, wife and the female in your family are protected and loved. I hope that this message is loud enough. Its not a battle for just the Women, its a battle for this entire country and I wish everyone saw it that way. 
I would like to inform all of you that the upcoming draft constitution has greatly undermined the rights of women and has curtailed many rights of women that were agreed by previous agreements and also included in the Interim Constitution.
In order to show our dissent and demand women-friendly constitution, we are gathering in Maitighar Mandala today at 6 p.m. All of you are invited to show support to the event.
Program Details:-
Date: June 29, 2015
Time: 6 p.m.
Venue: Maitighar Mandala

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