9 Things every Nepali is tired of hearing.

Mar 3, 2015

 Your English is so good !

Lets clap for the most awkward and offensive statement made.

So you speak Hindi?

Disadvantage of having powerful neighbors, people have no idea about your country or your language.

So have you been to Mount Everest?

Yes, of course! The highest mountain in the world does not intimidate me at all. Piece of cake. Also, did I mention I am taking spongebob with me? Patric had plans.

So, you are Indian?

I always want to pull a Kanye when I hear this. Always.

I love Bollywood! Do you love it too?





Just kidding everyone loves Bollywood 

We can also bust a move or two of our own. Thanks for not asking!

We have had a few gems of our as well.

Wasn’t the family guy episode offensive?


Oh so you must eat really spicy food ? 

Most Nepali food is not spicy. So when you serve me a spicy plate of something, do not expect me to gulp it down without hesitation. 


  I heard  Nepal has really poor infrastructure.

  We make it work. Enough said.

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