Are you an addict? Here is why you probably are….

Jan 23, 2018

Millennials an addiction
What is our generation addicted on?

Are you addicted?

When you think of an addict, you think a meth-head, wonky looking, has not showered, piercing and tattoos all over.

But, what if I told you? You are the addict.
It would catch most of us by surprise, last time I checked none of us were in the backk alleys of a dingy street injecting stuff at each other.

When we do it, its addiction when Kylie Jenner does it, its called fashion. Where was I ?

Yes. What if the addict is you?

What are you addicted to  ? The quick fixes  life, work and relationships present to you.

Let’s say you were in a toxic relationship and you guys ended it, but soon you find yourself gravitating towards the same person, missing the moments, the comfort from someone you know that is clearly not good for you.

What do you do? 

Rationally thinking you would avoid contact but if only matters of the heart were rational. The chances are if you are heart broken, you reach out, why do you think there apps to stop us from drunk dialing?

You reach out, you get back and go into the cycle of never ending fights, hate, disgust, break-up .. again and then yup their is your loop.

The book subtle art of not giving an F by Mark Mason makes a valid point. Choose your problems wisely, here is where we lack. We reach out for the quick fixes in life brief comfort for months on end of heart in this case.

The same goes on social media, as most of us are fixated on how good we have it, oh goody! yippydi yea look my thousand dollar watch I did not really buy myself on social media, look how good  I have it, instant likes, validation brief ones and then back to feeling like a no gooder.

The same thing happens at work, we need a constant clapper telling us how good we are doing, how far we have come but the truth is people have lives and they need to get on with it, they can’t sit praising you, unless maybe if you are a drug lord then they don’t have a choice, but otherwise no they won’t and while we look for the quick fixes of appreciation, when it stops coming, life gets boring, work gets boring.

millennials and their addiction
Signs you are an Addict and rely on quick fixes 

Our generation is consumed by a quick hit of validation, with the quick fixes, cause we think their is a possibility of it, the reality however is different.

  • For a real relationship, you have to ditch assholes and risk being lonely 
  • For work to be meaningful you have to focus on why you are doing it and not for the appreciation of it
  • For a thousand dollar watch you probably have to slog away at the office for hours

The above choices also come with their set of issues but they are not quick fixes that give you mild high, they are the acceptance of it, that yes things may suck now but its for a better future. 

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