Being Worthy and Being Qualified Are Different Things

Nov 23, 2017

What does it mean to be worthy ?
You might say….
A relevant CV could mean for you to be worthy of the job ?
A relevant college essay could be that you are worthy of enrolment in the program ?
A relevant life choice makes you worthy of a better life?
Lets stop right there. Because what we have here is a classic mix-up, the one where you intentionally or unintentionally mix- up two very importantly different categories, which ones you say? Worthiness and Qualification.
You are qualified for the job cause of the CV you built, you are qualified for that college because of the essay but you are worthy of both even if you don’t have outstanding records.
You are worthy of having everything you want because you just are.
I am going to use classic Nepali examples
Yes, you guess it Ram and Hari to demonstrate this.
Ram and Hari had the same childhood, dysfunctional family, poor grades well in general life was a messy.
Ram always believed that despite of what he went through he was worthy of good things in life, which led him to aiming at better decision because he just knew he deserved a better life.
Hari on the other hand because of his poor grades believed that he was not worthy of better choices in life, he mulled over the past and believed that he was deemed unworthy of a good life, which made him stagnant and deviate for something that he could settle for, away from what he actually wanted to do. 
Who do you think was happier?
Now, for the longest time I had a similar mix-up, I waited for my qualifications and my achievement to validate me, make me feel worthy.
And, I am not proud of this and you won’t be either sometimes I used peoples validation to feel worthy too.
Which sucked, cause quite frankly peoples view of you is constantly changing and so is the validation they provide.
Similarly, life is never a steep-up curve is it? It has those bumps, you know the ones in relationships, work, health so when we are wedged between these crannies should we just deem ourselves unworthy?
You all will give me a resounding No but the truth is we usually do this, use the externals to deem ourselves not unworthy.
We use our past incidents that we had no control over be used as our benchmark for worthiness.
But, ask yourself this how many times have you let the idea that you are not worthy of something stop you from achieving something you want?

Lack of qualification can be fixed, you can simply learn that skill and get qualified.

But, how will you convert your unworthiness to worthy?
Through peoples words or your achievements?
How far can external validation work when it has been one of the main reasons for many people feeling dissatisfied?
So, what you need to realize and what took me perhaps years to realise is despite your past or the fear you may have the future, you are always worthy of the good things in life. Always.
You are worthy cause you are human, yup that is it. No other pretext needed, you check boxes, none.
You deserve all good things cause you are worthy. You are worthy cause you just are.
Side note: You deserve love and joy without the pain. (Some of you clicked with this did you not?) You are welcome!
Happy winter guys!

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