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The timeliners

So when are you getting married?When are you getting your masters?When are you getting that new job?When. When. When.

The left-overs

Have you ever scrammed to the kitchen and whipped up something in a hurry? Has it turned out so good that you were actually surprised?

Why Self-love is over-rated ?

You know what? Can I say it? You won't pounce on me if I do? I think Self love is over-rated. There I said it.WHY ?Well for instances there have been more times I have worried that I don't #Selflove myself than of times where I actually truly dislike...

Don’t be Fine.

As much as I try to be candid with my words the truth of the matter is I hide behind it. I hide because I am scared of..

You Are Not Special

One Simple Realization You are not special. You heard me right! You are not special. No, this is not my infamously known typos and…

How BAD is your luck?

People refer to luck as if it’s momos being handed out by an overly picky aunt, like you get lots but the cousin…

Serials and S Word

I admit my guilty pleasure is occasionally flickering channels and landing on the notorious big flamboyant sets

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