Body like a coke bottle

Mar 19, 2014

I am sorry  what?  Body like a coke bottle, is he talking about you? Because I know for a fact it is not me. The image that advertisements, singers, movies give of people is glamour where perfect toned up body, right amount of hair swaying is normal. A medium where no humidity seems to work, neither does sweat.
However, it’s their job to do so, we pay to see glamour. Many people like me expect such kinds of perfection from a life with less than perfect weather, where humidity, sweat, nature is a part of our life, where changing climate can make your hair go from beautiful to a hot mess. But we never let truly let go of the expectation to look perfect do we? And who put these expectations in our head hold up I am not going to say the media, not this time. The reason for these expectations is because we have forgotten be RATIONAL.
 How can a rational human being such as me be upset for not looking perfect when I am measuring myself with models in ad features that last a few seconds? Internet is everywhere so we know what goes on to get a perfect shot yet we try. How can I get insecure with the way I look by comparing a model who took maybe up 100 shots to get that one good picture on the magazines which is yes of course photoshoped before it reaches us. For a minute add a team of dozen who are waiting hand and foot to deliver “perfection”. I fall in to the people who occasionally grab their love handles in the hopes that maybe by squeezing it tight enough I can push it back in and be all model like immediately when I see a magazine cover.
But perfection itself differs in the way you think. Is a bit of love handle perfection or do you want to choose to believe that only those that do not form a crease of fat while bending stretching is the definition of it? We are shown what the media wants us to see, that is not really a bad thing as someone who is studying marketing that’s how products are sold profits are made, new possibilities are introduced to people. However, believing everything shown is quite stupid don’t you think? If a nike advertisement shows a girl running around with no jiggle, then be smart enough not believe it. Not everyone is going to be a size zero and it may not be such a bad thing. Trying to achieve this unnatural form of perfect can lead to severe disappointments  every time you have that extra fry or completely ruin your mood because you had dominos for dinner. There is nothing wrong in wanting to be fit something I desperately want to be but then again it is okay to be with the jiggles too.
So jiggles or no jiggles, a coke bottle or a packet of chips regardless perfection takes a lot of unrealistic effort that normal people cannot make, so let the jiggle flow. However this does not give you a free pass to get hoped up on MacDonald’s and fries. Let’s just say if advertisements were made more realistic then no size zero actresses would be promoting Carls jr, let’s be realistic. Advertisements are doing their job, you need to be smart enough and not obsess over attaining sometimes unrealistic angles to beauty and perfection.           

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