Chronicles of Kathmandu: Hint It starts with Hyakkk and ends with a Thu

Apr 20, 2016

Chronicles of Kathmandu

“So what’s Nepal like?”, “It’s quite amazing actually the mountains the fresh air, something else”. This was my answer about  4 months ago something about being away from your motherland that makes you block all of its said inadequacies and you are immersed in it’s said beauty and culture like the tourist trying to “experience the culture in Nepaulll”. As I am now back to this land I call home it is getting harder to find that “fresh air” or that  “something else”, to be honest the only thing that is “something else” is perhaps the resilience of Nepali people. We are as I have realized a strong bunch of conformist assholes that seem to sway where ever the wind blows or in this case the dust.
The chronicle of MY Kathmandu are just a collection of short stories to entertain you during your commutes, tedious office work or annoying relatives while discussing how resilient Nepali people are, you ready?
Story goes…
As I stand unhappy dissatisfied with the quality of my newly purchased mask yes I lost my old one yet again, I remember the older days where the “wind never bothered me anyway” but having to bare the wind storms, the nasty smells and the little granules that think my eyes are the oasis and decide to jump in, I cannot help but sit still and take it all in.


Chronicle in KATHMANDU girl with potential

This brings me back to a hot and heavy (nope not that kind you pervert) tempo ride where I was crammed in between a man who could not hear his “hello, from the other side” and a woman who clearly discovered that there was a pot of gold in her right nostrils. Then a very well-endowed lady or that’s how she looked like got in, flipping through her phone 6 s and adorning her Gucci shades she took her place. Re tracking my mind back to reality I  took to my phone shuffled on my tempo jams and carried on… but right there as my tempo made a screeching turn I was caught with surprise first came thHyak and then Thu and man that gruesome noise rang in my ears. The woman obviously would have died if she hand not spit or that was what I would like to believe. The woman who obviously spat out her guts went back to her expensive while I gave her the all too knowing “How disgusting of you look” , but she didn’t care. Not at all. Because let us be honest Nepal is not about beauty in to out but more of beauty and hyakthu out ! Or perhaps we all produce viles amount of saliva that if not spat out of  tempos onto the streets will kill us instantly? That should be it…


Every day I decide my avatar  every day I wake determined to  not be mugged by the taxi drivers, that I get my money’s worth, that I am treated fairly and as I yet again dodge a pot hole compose myself and not jump in at every sawari and say “stop! I deserve this road as much as you do, so let’s share?” But then most of these thoughts are always almost on my mind and rarely make the escape from my mouth, after all we all live in  days where it is fairly ehhhhh… how much can a person struggle to get from point A to Point B? Should I just not care? As I see pompous cars parading on while the rest of us are stuck in our overcrowded public commute. Most days I care, very much but I try not to. Because it is easier that way.Although, the concept of having to stand stagnant and act like the world stops just because someone “important” need to go to club Himalaya is lost on me. I choose on the daily to just sit and wait and watch.  
Nepal my home, my solace my hypocritical land….Nepal is where you will follow the latest trends dresses, hand phones and drink from a tin can of something foreign but it is also the land where you will throw the very tin can out of the tempo and onto the streets. Nepal is spitting right in front of the shop you own and walking past other dirt and complaining that yet again our country has failed us. Although there is no doubt about the fact the government and their very many sawaris have failed us incredibly, Nepal is the land where blame comes in many forms but never to one’s self, only other people and mechanism destroy Nepal right? We did nothing, we did nothing. But is that the problem that we did nothing and do nothing on the daily? When will we stop being so tolerant? 
These stories go left and right front and center and sometimes it’s their ignorance that is at fault and other times it is our resilience. We may never change our ignorance but we could change our resilience can we not? Let’s us stop the hyakthu and make people realize it does not kill if you do not spit on the roads you walk on the daily.
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