Having Passion can destroy you ……………here is why…..

Jul 14, 2017

The blogging hiatus stops here and now We Talk. A lot of the times suffering is silent and I would say mine is to, amidst all the going ons I lost my sense of self and my willingness to write. What came so naturally did not anymore, none of it did and that is why I decided take a break from it.

What bothered me more than anything in this time was my inability to understand how I may have just outgrown the thing I love, my passion, my love for writing.

It was not some terrible incident that led me to stop my writing mid clasps (of the keyboard) I should explain I have a fairly old laptop so every time I type it gives of that typewritery sound. Yes,
I shall choose to believe its a word and shall use it profusely. Coming back, my reasons to stop what I love doing did not come from any distress, it simply arrived without notice and took away something special to me.

And here is where I talk about passion and what the world never told me about it:


How I thought it worked :

Having passion meant you beep your way through it like a road runner,
I believed passion just came from within, it needed no persistence,
and while I may sound slightly naive for this I also believed having passion made things easy, I believed every motivational poster out there that took 5 minutes to make which stated that those who had passion had it all, that it was passion that was the key to everything.

Boy! was I dead wrong!!

What Passion really is? 

Passion is just a spark, for it to turn into fire people refer to so much,  it needs goes through a complicated process of the hard, slow, fast and easy stages of cultivation and nurture.

Passion is the pizza dough, if you don’t work hard enough you may just end of up with bread. But, for it to become the cheesy goodness that it is, you need ingredients just like for passion to STAY and Passion to grow you need energy and commitment.

Passion takes work and it can be emotionally draining, it forces you to make choices, one that either leads you to opportunities or de-tracks you from it.

Think of the one thing that you were passionate about in the past?
Ask yourself this: Why did you stop?

Because the world gave us this idealized version of what passion is and without complaints we took it.

We believed that passion is the burning drive that pushed us to keep going, while we forgot that we are humans and we need to refuel, get our energy, that unlike things in the movies it does take time for passion to grow.

While the worlds version of passion might motivate us for a second, it is our understanding of how passion actually works that will keep us growing.

Therefore, let’s broaden our idea of what Passion is and how it works:

Passion works when you have the determination
It works when you revive it, nurture it, accepting that just passion may not be enough
Passion sometimes can feel more like a chore than an exciting expedition
passion sometimes means losing it and then working hard to get it back because you know its important for you.

As I sit here slouching in my couch working hard to bring my passion back I tell you to give your
 long forgotten passion projects or life choices one last push, give it time and understand that passion is not a blazing fire but a slight spark that needs nourishment to grow.

Have a lovely rest of the day people!

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