How Anita’s Knee Injury Can Save Your Life

Nov 29, 2017

The Devestation of the Injury 

It was dibilitating, twisting and turning she clenched her knee, the pain raced down her back her entire body and she saw herself shut down, was she hurt? Yes.

The pain started from her knee and spread all over, she was trying to control it and ignore but just couldn’t.

Honestly, she did not want to burden anyone. At times, the paint took shot at multiple parts of her body but she continued, she did not want people to know, what if they thought she was acting up for NO REASON?

Self- Doubt and Self Loathing 

Was it a decietful act? Was she needy for attention? She was not but wondering if people thought so scared her from taking any action.

Somedays, the pain was mild almost not existent, she would go on her day without a glinch, get-together with friends? She was there. Errands? All done. She was on top of her game those days.

And then, somedays she just was not. Everything took extra effort, getting off her bed, dressing up was a task. She smiled and tried to ignore her excruciating pain, angry and confused she wondered if it was all in her head? Was she just lazy, over emotional or unstable?

She kept all these racing thoughts to herself scared of what people might think of her, the judgements and lables, what would they be? Would they think I was weak?

 Then one day she just could not take it. When living became an option and not a neccessity, she knew what to do.

She dialed a number, “Hello, Can I speak to your therapist?” 

On the other line

“What is this for?” 


She after years of denial, of trying to shove motivational quotes and ted talks to try and out run this, win this became totally vulnerable.

“I need help, I can’t eat, sleep, think. I feel like I may have depression.” 

There. She said it. Cause you and I both know a knee injury would not cause so much resentment and confusion. A knee injury would have no stigma.

So, here it is, a simple plea. Just like Anita, start to understand that physical and mental issues are factors that affect our biological exisistence.

It is not made up or all in the head, it is sometimes genetic or hormonal. It is sometimes due to trauma or injury. It is not just “in the head” or cause of someone being “lazy”.

If we had a knee injury and realized it was affecting your overall well-being we go to the doctor then why not do do the same thing for your mental health?

Disclaimer: I am not a medical practioner, just someone who believes in mental health and well-being.

Happy reflecting! and Accepting. Ain’t nothing wrong with asking for help!

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