How BAD is your luck?

Sep 24, 2016

People refer to luck as if it’s momos being handed out by an overly picky aunt, like you get lots but the cousin she hates gets very little. Come on we all know that one person who shows their favoritism through food 😉 However, The idea of luck has always perplexed me, who decides how good or bad the persons luck really is? What are the parameters of luck?
Recently my cousin could not go to specific country to study cause of her visa issues, hence she decided to go somewhere else, like her dear old sister J However, since everything here revolves around a visa the aunties sat behind a round table discussion and went to town with how bad the 19 year old luck was.
To me this bad luck did not make sense, why would a rejected visa be considered that? Why the difference in opinion between the aunties and  I? Then it hit me, it was not truly that my cousin was bitten by the bad luck bug but instead the aunties simply did not understand where her life was heading and labelled it that. 
Don’t we always do this? Feel sorry for people who are in fact quite inspiring? Who have struggles and illnesses but try, are happy, defying the rules, conquering their world in their own terms?
We want people to rue in their bad luck, bathe in it. In fact, take a glass of wine with them and sit their bathing in the bubble bath of bad luck. But. Just because we want them to, does not mean they have to. A person who is said to have “bad luck” or “hardships” does not need to live the way you imagine they should. They do not need to sob, cry and curse their so called luck.
Yes, for you it may be bad luck, for the person facing the so called “”luck an opportunity, new perspective, experiment or a lesson. Let us not label what we fail to understand as bad luck, not everyone’s life journey needs to make sense to us.
So, how much would you think now before labeling something as bad luck?

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