May 16, 2016

Human moments  

When you let other people affect you

It could be that little snort you let out in your laughter, or that not so great feeling of the  “wind” that sneak up on you ( did I go there) Yes! It is about embracing yourself after all! These human moments that we have are beyond our control, they are just part of us and sometimes cause us embarrassment and other times makes us laugh until your stomach hurts.
However, there are other kinds of human moments that we think we have no control over, but we do. Maybe our attempts at controlling it has failed or we just do not know how to handle it, whatever it may be our lives can be heavily influenced by someone. Influence is a wonderful if it’s for the good, but sometimes these influence could cause a lot stress and overthinking which will affect every part of your life.  
Little human moments turn to big ordeals and friendships break, relationships too and at times due to the most trivial thing possible. But this very human moment that causes us to take big and most times wrong steps could be avoided with a very simple reminder, remember that  we are in fact humans.
What do I mean by this? How many of us have made snap judgement about someone? I! and then later realised the  you were wrong ? I. We are so self-involved that we forget that people have moods. When mood swings come things change especially their attitude. We take this very change offensively and at times ruin perfectly good things.  
Next time you let someone affect you, remember this:
– Even the nicest person can have a bad mood

– The attitude in such scenarios are not directed towards us 

– What they feel and say in such moods, they will not even dream of in their high mood. Just        like you

– They are human moment 

– Accept that everyone has moods

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