May 11, 2016

Moments make a life time, moments make you happy, and it is after all the little moments that make your life worthwhile. Unless the ghost of pin interest haunted you these above said things about moments are not always true and I found out through the hard way. Like we all do, through a failure.
So, failures are quite common in life and often not as devastating as one seems to predict. But eventually no matter how hard we think we have fallen to the ground and how wounded we feel we are because of these failed moments, we eventually get better, we get up and move forward. Why is this? Why do we let some moments get us badly but days, months, years later it does not affect us the way we thought it would when we initially felt it?  
It is because we put too much pressure on ourselves. We believe that the next big break, the next glorious moment is right around the corner all the while ignoring the process of getting there.  In pursuit of these very said “moments”, we forget that moments are just moments, one goes the other one closely follows. It is as if we forget that moments are just people’s way of reminding those that are consumed with vanity and the future to relax, to breathe, to remember what is important at the end. But moments are just that and nothing more, moments are not stress or pressure, moments are not a be it end all situation, moment does not tell you that you failed at work,  marriage or relationship. It is not the deciding factor of your life. MOMENTS ARE NEUTRAL and quite frankly can be anything from you wasting your life away on Netflix “high five to that”, to you taking care of your business in the pot.They are passing and changing.

Perception is everything 

Hence, Just like these passing ones there are moments that are bad;  when we fail something we prioritize moments to be larger than life itself. If you name a moment good, it becomes  god’s blessing and testament of your work but when you do not get what you want that very moment is looked upon as the time you failed at something, the time god was unfair, the time you were a failure. But like I said before these little frames of time are neutral, so they are not the ones who decide you are failure or not. Next time you’re dealing with a break up or a tough family situation know this, moments are what you make them. It is not a deciding factor of your life, moments change and it is you who changes it. A moment of failure does not mean the end;it simply means that you attached sadness to that moment and given the chance can attach other feelings to it too.

Why do we attach feelings with moments ?

Why do we do that? Why are we attaching feelings to something so neutral like moments? Well, because we are conditioned to. Everywhere you go you are made to believe that moments change everything, yes true moments can save your life but apart from that what we associate with moments change us not the moment itself. For example if someone does not see his break- through at work as a success in life, he will not consider it to be a moment worth remembering. It is your perception that turns every moment into something, you give it a name.

Now, coming back to what I said earlier why is it that a moment that feels horrible right now seems like nothing after some due time has passed? Because now you after analysis you attached more thoughts and perceptions to the past event it could now be a  a life lesson, a new door opening or an expected surprise. You may even be thankful for it.

So next time you think failure and such moments in your life is what dictates how the rest of your life is going to be. Think again. You and your perception have more powerthan you realize. And the very failure that got you to read this post may very well be the thing you needed to carry on.
A Welcome To My Website

A Welcome To My Website

And Its finally here!! I thought a lot about what I would want my website launch to be like, should it be this huge thing. Should I post relentlessly on social media?

Why I love My Mediocre Life

Why I love My Mediocre Life

Go hard or Go home.I am going home. So much more comfort there.So my life took a quick 180 turn (are you not glad I didn’t say 360

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