Meet Nepal India’s Co dependent Girl/Boy Friend

Sep 27, 2015

Hi world!

So it is Sunday which means for the past 2 hours I am in my gym clothes watching youtube videos because working out starts with cute clothes #sobasic. Also, in other news  Nepal just adopted its federal constitution and I have a clear intention of reading it! I promise just getting all the people who claim they run our country to catch up on it first.

 Nepal is this small amazing beautiful co-dependent girl/boy friend of India . We be crazy and fabulous but highly dependent. Disclaimer: this is not a racist article for all those on the internet who are  dying to sort out their emotional problems by venting it out on random strangers. JUST STOP. 

The jist: India wanted Nepal to rethink the whole adoption of the new constitution because of the rising distress along the borders of India and Nepal because of it. This is understandable a lot of peoples life are at risk.

Let’s Get Basic Nepal 

The heart of India’s concern is legitimate and I am not for taking sides on this because honestly I do not know the situation well enough to comment on it. Yes another surprise I am not a know it all Nepali. However, what I do know is many of us are hopeful that the new constitution brings about some much needed change. We hope to move forward from this because that’s what Nepalese people are, we are a chilled out bunch who want nothing more but security, education and opportunity for all.

However, just like a co-dependent girl/boy not much can be done if you are wrapped around the hips of your bf/gf ahem ahem! So I suppose it’s our time to truly invest and turn it around. Let’s get basic Nepal put on our yoga pants and start sweating!

We have the most beautiful country in the world and if we do not recognize our potential who will?

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