Nepal’s way ahead of it’s time: Recognized, loved and protected the LGBT minority

Jun 27, 2015

Notice how  the heading is in past tense ? There is a reason for that. When I was younger I distinctly remember flipping through the pages of a magazine and finding this photo. I did not quiet understand the bigger movement behind it, I just loved the idea of love for all.

It was the photo of Mitchell and Sarah an American lesbian couple who married in a small temple in Nepal, the ceremony took place peacefully as I understand surrounded by onlookers who were happy to be there.There are many reasons why Nepal should be applauded for its effort to protect the sexual minority.

“In 2007 Nepal’s Supreme Court recognized people of the third gender and directed the government to form a committee to explore the possibility of same sex marriage. ” – CNN, 2011
Sadly, just like how you got side tracked from your New years fitness resolution, Nepal got side tracked from this movement. The political turmoil neglected the minority even more and although committees were established and reports were given nothing more was done after this. 
I guess the gist of this is, it’s time to reinforce the change and remind everyone why they started in the first place.

Share this article and make sure the world knows that Nepal were the pioneers in protecting minorities and we shall practice it with more passion than ever before. 
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