The Power Of Understanding That Sometimes It Will Not Make Sense

Nov 27, 2017

So, I am not proud of this but I was big on romance novels until I realised most thrived on idealistic views of love and life.

 I loved the idea of the climatic scene where things would go wrong and fall magically back in place in the preceeding chapters.

Unfortunately, this distorted a large part of my reality……

………. and perhaps yours too.

Embrace the No-Sense (Not a grammatical error)

Regardless, which gnere you read normally books have a  whimsical touch that makes you wonder, reflect and unfold. The story comes effortlessly together and it all makes sense for the most part.

However, the reality is slightly different or in this case a whole lot different.

The truth is, sometimes it really really won’t make sense and while I look back on the things that has gone down and we all have them, the ones that make your pupil dialect and go Yikes, yes  those moments.

What followed was not clarity or whimsical endings, Nope. But, a whole lot of okay none of that made sense.

Why does the hardworker fall behind ?
You not get the recognition you deserve? 
Why does bad things happen to good people?
Why did she leave the good guy?

Trying to make sense of all of it can be as tiresome as experiencing them, so while we wait for the melocholic closure that may never come

we wait, wait to eventually find out that sometimes things are not meant to make sense or come togther, sometimes its all about falling apart and not needing to understand why or when.

Letting go of the past renditions in which we live, trying to find profound meanings in intense past events we play in our head. Maybe, its time to let go, maybe the only thing you were supposed to know from it, you ready for this?

1 2 3 is to Let Go…………

The only thing that makese sense? Letting go of the things that  doesn’t make sense.

So, you ready lets do this together.

You and I.

Repeat after me. Sometimes it won’t make sense and it is not my job to make any sense of it.

Really, its not. And as we read this last line lets make it whimsical, let’s………………………(okay, that was all I could do)

Have great day or night (wink wink) was that too much? The wink I mean I was trying something, maybe it makes no sense? See, what I did there. I think we can all agree that you have had enough of me today so go and  Embrace the no-sense!

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