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Sep 1, 2018

And Its finally here!!

I thought a lot about what I would want my website launch to be like, should it be this huge thing. Should I post relentlessly on social media? I could, from a business stand point I probably should. But, I won’t.

Here is why… Just the idea of doing something perfectly sometimes stifles our creativity and cuts our actions short.

So, I begin this new challenge of hopefully delivering the best content I have ever produced with this basic as hell post.

I tried to think of creative ways to do this, I really did, but sometimes you just got to start. Screw the perfections.

Screw that it has to be right way.
Sometimes actions is just simply enough.

Just create, however imperfect it is. Just do it (not sponsored by Nike) Oh! How I wish my blog was sponsored by Nike, but one day at a time. Let’s do this!

Why I love My Mediocre Life

Why I love My Mediocre Life

Go hard or Go home.I am going home. So much more comfort there.So my life took a quick 180 turn (are you not glad I didn’t say 360

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