What Happens When You Become Entitled?

Jan 31, 2018

I deserve it. I deserve that job, that life, that watch. Sure, you do.

But, have worked for it?

We expect a high paying job cause we studied our bachelors
We expect success because we struggled in the past

Now, now idealistically that is what we are told that  good things happen to good people.


Absolutely shitty things  can happen to us no matter how good we are, but instead of doing our best we let minor inconveniences get to us.

Nothing ever falls on your lap, well apart from a stripper I suppose but even  for that you need some money.

This entitlement is dangerous territory.

It pushes you to the bounds of self-loathing, unhappiness, whiny little bitches.

Its true I have turned into one in numerous occasions and let us all admit we all have in one occasion or the other.

I never thought, I was an entitled prick, I mean who does? We always assume that entitled are those that are pompous and snobby, those that tie their satin scarfs high up and always look like they are smelling something suspicious in the room.

But. There is a different kind of entitlement that is more damaging than this, the one that lurks in the our deep insecurities, patting our backs when in reality we just need  good kicks in our behind to snap back into reality.

My friends and I were always in these “round table” discussions where they would talk about how their parents never appreciate what they did professionally and I admit I chimed in to.

To my moms defense “Sabaile ta kaam garcha” (everybody works that is not that big of a deal, I used to get hurt by how she blatantly said this out.

Acted all mopy and shit for a while.

But, of late I have identified myself entitled and working towards not being one, so her statement actually makes sense.

You see, when our parents were working they did not have social media to get validation, they were micro managed, they were only ever given accolades based on their performance once in a while with a good job.

What we do ? We want validations like good jobs flying in all day everyday, people have a life man, Susans husband just left her! give her a break she does not want to be jolly today and clap at you coming and doing your job.

Now, this is harsh and some of you may feel a little uncomfortable cause of it but I am saying this because I let  go of far  too many days in my life by saying “people do not appreciate me” damn right they won’t.

How many times do you do it?

Appreciate them? Not much I know cause we have a life job, relationships, trips to plan. There s nothing wrong in appreciating it, but not appreciating is also the reality of things. It happens.

So, I today hereby denounce myself from all the entitlement I feel, I am just tired of being whiny.

Yes, many things in your life is not your fault, my broken family definately not my fault but its time I stop piggyback on the fact I had it rough and deserve better and much rather act better, much, much, better.

Its time you stop piggybacking on your damaged past as well which may not be your fault, but good things or rather better things happen to only those who let go of this entitlement that success needs to come for but rather work for it.

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