What to do When In Doubt About your Dreams

Feb 2, 2016

What to do when in doubt

Doubts are ever fleeing, you never quite know what triggered it but here you are with your box of carbs wondering when will you get out of this funk, when will you become fully confident. As a Young adult, hate saying that by the way but I suppose the term is better than what I had in mind “retiring childhood” that sounds horrible does it not? So, we are sticking with young adults? Alright, if you say so! We are young, maybe some of us are full of energy and doubtful. So many doubts.

One thing I realized, because I am an observer of sorts,  doubts come from this fear of not wanting to embarrass yourself, not wanting to fully be you because you for obvious reason want to be “chilled like a pill”, “Rahul, take a chill pill!” who remembers this ? No one likes a self conscious dreamer, do they ? The doubts come from wanting to do so many things but being unsure of how the world would perceive it. you know how much I like personal examples right? Here, is one: At first I did not give credit to my writing, for one thing everyone and anyone can write a short story right? so when you are in doubt of so many things you even doubt your own product, your doubts force you to think what you do is not worthy.
So the problem is not so much about doubts but about not being worthy.  During times like these there are few things you can do. When you feel doubtful and not worthy?

1. Keep at it

Chances are you are feeling this way because you are having a bad day, or you could not take a constructive criticism very well, you got overwhelmed but like I said before doubts are ever fleeing, so this too shall pass. Do not take drastic measures like stop doing what gives you joy, what your soul feeds on? Why do you think the yoga industry has grown  so much in the recent times? People have more money now, what they lack is soul. Real Soul. So if you have something that you can feed on, go for it. 

2. Ask Questions

What makes me different? Despite all the terror fear in our lives, this is a wonderful time to be alive for one reason people love different! they embrace different! So, tell me what makes you different? What do you cherish the most about yourself ? It could be something like having the ability to make someone laugh or having magic in the tip of your fingers? Ahem! Ahem! You are different even if you think  Everyone is special someday. 

3. Dance in your room Naked

What ?? Did it finally happen, did the girl with potential finally loose it? Nope. Here me out, sometimes we spent days hunched behind a laptop or responsibilities and it takes a toll on everything. So how about rediscovering yourself while having the best time? For instance, if you are able to dance naked in a room, you can do anything. Yes, I know you all do it whats the shame in a bit of crazy?

4. Distract yourself

Did my third topic distract you? That was the point, however I support you 100 percent if you actually do it!, hey yo!! Alright, dwelling on things is the easy way to go but taking time off to be fabulous is better. Get a drink, put on some jazz, or a book and do you!!

5. It does not matter

Remember that it does not matter, all the doubts you have will go away if you work hard enough to do what you wanted too. A doubt will not change the reality of things, it will not change that you are freaking awesome and even as you eat that jar of nutella and look sexy as hell, yes, I am talking to you! you can still do it. Now lick that last drop of nutella and get cracking. 
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A Welcome To My Website

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