Why You Should Un-plan Your Life

Dec 6, 2017

I have been a planner, dreamer since I was a child, it was an escape from the mundaness of life, a reality I was not willing to accept.

Which bring me to this year 2017, man! what a year has this been! So many lessons learned, many mistakes made and I am glad.

Here is Why?

Escaping from the mundaness was the main theme of my life, which made me do two very big things.

Jump into things cause I fell in love with the idea
Fight my reality 

When you start dissing the mundaness and start planning these romanticized ideas of your life, the idea stands out more than the actual process does, but fortunately or unfortunately life is at the process y’all not at the end result. You have one result to show at the end but what you lived through? Well, the process? That is where you grew and lived.

And if you didn’t accept the process because it was too mundane then when did you live?

I always fell in the romanticised idea of things falling into place!

That was the problem, wanting everything as planned.


 Damn! that is so not how life works out.

Can You Do The CHA-CHA with life?

Life is a loosely based planning done with outcomes in mind that if you persevere backtrack, take detours you will finally reach it and while you detest the journey, that is where the beauty lies.

And as I jumped from one romanticized idea of life onto another a thought thrown at me stopped me in the tracks.

Never fall in the love with the path you chose so much so that you have trouble falling in love anything else. 

You think your parents, elders had it figured out? All planned out? Maybe some did, but did it always go to the plan ? Nope. Rarely.  They improvised.

And let me tell you it feels good to improvise.

When You Improvise 

Faliures seem more like lessons 

Detachment feels more like Awanerness 

and the MOST Important one!

Mundaness feels beautiful

So, even though the plan is always to reach a goal or a vision the heart  always lies in the detour ?

Here are few exercises you can do to help you deal with your detour:

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